Thursday, December 11, 2008

Field Trip

As a class we decided to go on a field trip for my lesson to the bowling alley in which I would teach my lesson. It was a great experience for my growth as a teacher. I was given the responsibility of making the reservation and getting the best price possible for my class. This was something that I could very well be faced with in the future, so now I have a good understanding on what to do when planning for a lesson like this. My goal for this lesson was to really let loose and try to give as much feedback as possible to my peers. Dr. Yang threw a few curve balls at me during my lesson which put me on defense at first but then I think I bounced back quite well. A student came up to me and started speaking to me in Espanol. The student was showing me signs of not understanding what I was teaching to the class. I walked her through all of the steps of the cues and she understood what I was trying to do. It was important that students were involved with the activity for a good portion of the class so I put 4 people to a lane and it worked out well. This lesson gave us the oppurtunity to try out some sort of technology. I used the Xavix, which was an interactive video game for bowling. I brought with me a projector to project the picture of the game. This was a station that the students could try out the cues that I was teaching them. Also click here to see my entire packet on history, terminology, and other ideas on bowling.

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