Saturday, December 12, 2009

November 18, 2009

Today during my observations I went to the elementary school to pick up the kids. The kids who are involved in our program come from different elementary schools around the area I go to school. There are usually only about a handful of kids that I have to pick up personally. My kid is a part of the group that I pick up. When I picked him up today I noticed he was carrying to shiny rocks. In the past, I have noticed his interest in shiny objects. I have been collecting these metallic plated rocks for a long time. I so happened to have one with me this very day. I allowed him to hold on to it though out the day as long as he stayed on task. He agreed to the terms and for the most part was on task all day. I have learned that rewards work very well in managing his behavior. I have also learned that the rewards need to change. He gets tired quickly of the same old rewards.

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