Saturday, December 12, 2009

Decemeber 10, 2009

Children with Aspergers tend to have trouble with motor skills and they have awkward clumsy movements. The student I had did not follow the normal characteristics of a child with Aspergers physically. What he did struggle with was working with other students in cooperative games. This is a common characteristic of a child who has Aspergers. With a child like this it is important to focus more on the affective domain so they learn how to affectively work with others. Make sure they give praise to peers when they are doing well at something. This is important for everyone but it needs to be magnified with children who have Aspergers to form their social skills. They also need to know how to except praise and give thanks back for the praise. Cooperative activities are good for them so they learn how to rely on others in games to solve a problem.
I would have this student do a lot of partner work with someone around the same ability level. The objective would to have both kids giving positive feedback to each other in order for the student with Aspergers to get used working with others.

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